Oregon battle of the books: Preparing for battle


Grab your swords, shields, and reading glasses! Because the Battle of the Books is here! Teams will compete against other teams from their schools and districts to fight to the top and become the best readers!

With sixteen books to read and master, my team is going to try our hardest to beat other teams with answering the most trivia questions based on those books. But so far it’s been a challenge. The real battles haven’t even started yet, and we’re struggling to be on top of the school, and eventually the state! My friends and I are reading hard and practicing our questions for the battles. We have meetings to practice our knowledge on the book and we are pretty good so far- except for one problem. We’re too goofy!

We’re working on it, but we have been giggling in between questions and talking. That’s a problem! We want to stay on top. And if you or your friend’s team is having this problem, here’s five suggestions for how to handle your laughter.

  1. Think. Try to focus on the books that you are having trouble with, instead of the distracting noises and people around you.
  2. Take deep breaths. Not during the questions, but in-between them, close your eyes and take a nice long (but not goofy) breath.
  3. Challenge yourself. See how many suggestions you can give your team instead of hiding in the corner. In those battles, your team needs as much help as it can get!
  4. Silently be competitive. Be a good sport, but show assertiveness in your eyes. Don’t make it goofy, try to be as serious with this expression as you can. Don’t be mean either, but you want to show them who’s boss!
  5. And lastly, bite your tongue. I know that doesn’t take much description, but it worked for me.

Remember, be serious about this, but have lots of fun! That’s basically the whole point. Don’t let yourself down if you miss a question. Lift yourself up! Happy reading!

( List of books below)

The Fantastic Secret of Owen Jester by Barbara O’Connor

Gaby, Lost and Found by Angela Cervantes

Kizzy Ann Stamps by Jeri Watts

The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane by Kate DiCamillo

A Nest for Celeste by Henry ColeNight of the Twisters by Ivy Ruckman

The One and Only Ivan by Katherine Applegate

Rules by Cynthia LordSasquatch by Roland Smith

Starry River of the Sky by Grace Lin

Swindle by Gordon Korman

Tales from the Odyssey, Part One by Mary Pope Osborne

Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing by Judy Blume

The Trouble with Chickens by Doreen Cronin

The World According to Humphrey by Betty Birney

The Year of the Book by Andrea Cheng