Lemony Snicket’s new book


I just met Lemony Snicket. He is a very funny and mysterious man. (Funny as in he has a good sense of humor.) I have read “A Series of Unfortunate Events,” but right now, I’m going to talk about his new book that I just got, “29 Myths on the Swinster Pharmacy,” by Lemony Snicket, illustrations by his wife Lisa Brown. It is about the Swinster Pharmacy and I really don’t get it at all.

This is what is written on the first page:

1. We are very curious about the Swinster Pharmacy. We traveled all the way from the next town to find out what it sells.

That is all that is on the first page, for there is not much writing in this book.  But, it is all very mysterious. (Did I already say that?) It is a very good book but there’s not much to say about it. But the writing and illustrations are very good.

meeting Lemony