New Book Review – Hello, My Name Is Octicorn


Hello, My Name Is Octicorn has to be one of the funniest picture books I have read. It doesn’t matter if you are 3 or 30 or 300, you will like it. In the book, written by Kevin Diller and illustrated by Justin Lowe, a unicorn marries an octopus, and their baby is an octicorn. This Octicorn doesn’t really fit in anywhere, even though he’s a fun guy and tries hard.

OcticornThis is a book about not leaving others out who could be fun friends, even if they are kind of strange. It’s is a hardcover book and so is good for a gift. Somebody young might color it in, because the black and white illustrations are just asking for some crayons. If you click on the image, you’ll see some pretty funny pictures of Octi around town.