Amazing Author L.R.W. Lee – new book in the “Andy Smithson” series


What has a horn, a teleporting sword, seven heads, and a cursed kingdom? That’s right, the third book in the Andy Smithson medieval adventure series, “Disgrace of the Unicorn’s Honor” (book summary below).

Andy, the main character in the series (in case you haven’t read this awesomeness) is courageous enough to defeat giants, trick trolls, and battle monstrous beasts like Abaddon. L.R.W Lee has a cool way of connecting the three books in this series. At the end of each book, Andy is teleported back to his home by surprise. At the beginning of each book, he finds his way from home the mythical land Oomaldee in some crazy way. In the first and second book, he starts to find ingredients that will break the curse laid on Oomaldee. In the third book… Wait, I’m not going to tell you that!

This author draws you to finishing the book by giving her characters so much personality – they each have their own way of acting, speaking, thinking and loving, and it is explained in a way that makes you think that the writer might have based them on actual people.

I give this book 100% fresh tomatoes. I know tomatoes are for movies, but this book should be made into one because it would be AWESOME!

Andy Smithson books by L.R.W. Lee

Andy Smithson books by L.R.W. Lee

Book 3 Summary – “Disgrace of the Unicorn’s Honor” (from the author’s website)

Andy returns to Oomaldee and learns the next ingredient to collect is the horn of a unicorn. Not unexpectedly, as he and his company embark upon their quest, they face stiff opposition from the evil King Abaddon, a foreign enemy who seeks to conquer that world. The physical battle, while intense, pales in comparison, however, to his conflicted heart, when a seductive voice calls to Andy, tempting him to surrender the unicorn horn in exchange for a promise to preserve his mom when he breaks the curse. Desperate to save her, he falls for the lie and puts in jeopardy his ability to end the curse.


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